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Boost Office productivity

Motivate a hungry and thirsty staff with snacks and drinks at their disposal. This will allow employees to spend more time in the office.

Healthy Snack Options & More

We offer an array of health-conscious options such as popcorn, oats, fruit bars, healthy drinks, water, yogurt, milk and more. An excellent choice as we customize to fit your needs.


Polished, Modern FREE Machines

All our machines are FREE, customized & installed at no charge to you. There is never an upfront cost. We provide swipe and touch screens, cutting-edge technology and a clear view of ingredients and nutritional value of snacks, food or beverage. We offer FREE refills and FREE maintenance.

We are a full-service, Georgia-based Vending Company Servicing all of Northeast Atlanta

We offer vending machine services for ALL your business needs: small, medium and large. Not only do our vending machines help boost office productivity, they also save space and money! Along with healthy snack options and more, our modern vending machines are FREE. We also provide installation, refills, and maintenance. Our machines will never go empty thanks to our telemetry system which provides a daily inventory count. You may wonder how our vending machines could be a good fit for your business. Let us explain all the benefits and how we work.

Our Vending Machines Will Never Go Empty!

Modern State-of-the-Art Machines

Your installed machines will remain stocked and up-to-date. Our machines are equipped with a telemetry system providing an inventory count 4 times a day to notify us when a product is low and needs refilling.

We Offer a Variety of Vending Machine Styles

We currently offer 5 varied vending machine options for all your business needs:

  1. Snacks
  2. Drinks
  3. Combo/Sandwich
  4. Retail
  5. Coffee

ALL CUSTOMIZABLE to suit your needs.

About Snacks On The Fly

Quality & Professional Vending Services

We are driven to uphold the highest standards of honesty, respect and transparency. Snacks on the Fly provides top quality vending services and equipment to businesses both big and small. Our Mission is to create more time and better options to meet your company needs so that your employees and customers walk away happy. We’re committed to creating healthy and strong relationships with our business partners and we make it easy to work with us in a FEW EASY STEPS. Click below to begin.


We begin with a complete evaluation of your business. We’ll review your location and work with you on a solution that fits your needs. All your questions are answered, and you get to decide on the type of vending machines and product selection.

Installation & Program

Next is equipment delivery & installation, FREE to you using professional movers for a secure, smooth process. The vending program is then established by you and used as a base for machine configuration set up, your choice of card readers, cash only or both.

Services & Product List

We keep your machines stocked with the latest brand name snacks and beverages from our extensive product list with constant fresh selections. We also maintain, clean and stock machines on a regular basis, taking care of any maintenance issues that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What are the cost associated with signing up to get the vending machine services started?

There is 0 cost to you, ALWAYS!

How often will the vending machines be filled?

Usually Snack machines are filled every 30 days and soda machines and coffee machines every week, however we receive daily electronic inventory of supplies depleted which will allow us to refill as often as needed.

How big are your vending machines?

The machine sizes vary on the needs of the customer, depending on the type of machine, volume and space where the machines can go. We do a full assessment of your business location to determine the size.

Can I get only a snack machine, or do I need to get both snack and Drinks?

The answer is we cater to you our customer, what you want is what we will supply you with. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

How long does it take to install a vending machine?

If the model you are requesting is in stock, we can have it installed usually within 2 weeks, if the model is to be custom made it can take up to 12 weeks.

Who chooses the products placed in the vending machines?

You (our customer) will have the ability to choose the products you want us to place in the machines.

What type of electrical outlets will my business need to get the vending machines to work?

If you have a standard 3 prong outlet you should be good to go. Most machines run on 115 Volts at 10-12 AMPS

Is there any protection against bacteria and viruses like COVID19 while using the machines?

Yes there is. Our machines can come with UVEND Technology system which provides a UV light sanitation solution. It’s an automated motion sensor that detects no presence in the front of the machine before activating a visible blue light indicating Quick Sanitation is in process allowing the machine to be sanitized after every peak period, while also giving employees and customers confidence they are touching a sanitized surface.

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As vending machines experts, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Full client services available at your convenience. Snacks on The Fly is here to help you find exactly what your business needs.

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